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"supplies care staff, support workers and nursing staff"

We aim to achieve the highest possible level of care so you and your clients have peace of mind when employing our staff. At Elite Careplus we have a rigorous recruitment procedure that ensures we can employ dependable trustworthy staff. Our in depth interviews include DBS checks, personal and work based references which are all part of the vetting strategy so we can establish what their best skill sets are, and where the most suitable placements would be.

Our staff members receive support and guidance on an on-going basis so they can develop their own individual skills. All achievements are recognised and rewarded. Our methodical recruitment procedure includes a formal one-to-one interview, both professional and personal reference confirmations. DBS & PoVA (Protection of Vulnerable Adults) checks. We also confirm any training already undertaken and verify certification.

DBS checks compulsory for all team members in our organisation

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